Plain changelog
Plain changelog

Weekly Update — 26 July 2021


Slash commands

In a productivity tool, every mouse movement adds time and friction - so we're making sure the Plain app can be used without ever having to lift your fingers from your keyboard.

Inspired by Slack, you can now perform any given action from the composer. Simply hit / and use the arrow keys to open issues, resolve issues, mark customers as helped, and so forth.



Other changes

  • Improvement: Authentication for our customer GraphQL API now enforces the expiry of tokens provided by you. This is to ensure that you never, even by mistake, issue a customer token that permanently identifies a customer.
  • Improvement: We extended our API schema so that we can now attribute a timeline entry not only to a customer and user but also to an internal system. This will help us debug things when they don't quite work and inform reporting. This means that we now have a SystemActor along with UserActor and CustomerActor.
  • Improvement: Related to our state machine work, customer state transitions now show neatly in the timeline so you know what happened and when.
  • Improvement: If you try to mark a customer as helped with open issues, we now open a modal to allow you to resolve all open issues in one click first.